Tri-County Unlimited

We are very proud of our large collection of custom pools we have built for our customers over the years. We believe that we have met both the physical and creative demands of those customers to provide beautiful, livable additions to their homes. We take your vision and make it reality. 

Spring is here! Our Pool Opening Services begin April 1, 2019!! Please call soon to reserve your date and let us get your pool ready! Call us at 410-838-3447 to schedule your appointment!

We'll service your pool from surface to bottom including water testing, chemical balancing, filter cleaning, spring opening, fall closing, and much more.

Tri-County builds extraordinary patios, paths, and steps using stamped concrete. The beautiful result looks like it was made from rock and stone by expert masons but the cost is much lower. It also provides a safe, slip resistant deck around your pool.

We will clear your parking areas, access roads, walkways, and entrances throughout snow emergencies. Rock salt and ice melting products are always in stock and readily available to keep you safe during the winter months.

We can design a patio for you using stamped concrete or landscape interlocking pavers. These pavers are available in a variety of patterns and colors that can resemble natural stones and random cobblestones. They are a great choice for a hardscape material because it is extremely durable. Landscape pavers move with the soil when pushed by tree roots or other forces. Thus, they are less likely to crack. If a paver is damaged, only that paver can be removed and replaced as opposed to the entire floor.

We are available for everyday home repairs in every room of the house, as well as larger home improvement projects. Our master carpenter with over 30 years of experience will supervise your project from beginning to end. We can complete all major and minor home repairs in a quick, efficient manner. Our work is consistently of the highest quality.

Landscape construction is everything in the landscape that is NOT planting. We can construct garden walls such as short retaining walls, fences, or wooden screens. In addition, we can create water features and water lighting to enhance your pool area. If you want to add awnings, trellises, arbors, or a more substantial pavilion or pool house, we will incorporate your desires into a plan that will make your outdoor space inviting.

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We can create a strong and secure foundation for your new project. The foundation of a building is critical to the development of a sound and secure structure. We can create spread footers, which will help to transfer the weight of your new structure uniformly.  Steel reinforcement bar known as rebar is wired together to secure the framework.  This will be the skeleton of the secure footer for your addition.

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It is important to carefully dig out the site for your new pool or patio. We can ensure that your site is accurately excavated and graded. We will remove material such as dirt, rocks, concrete and construction debris to make way for your new project.