Pool Openings

We would be glad to schedule pool opening and chemical start up services for your pool. We will inspect your pump and motor and remove any dirt or debris from the pump basket, impeller, and the motor. We will clean and inspect your heater and test the operation of controls and switches, and certify that your air vents, pump housing, bearings and motor shaft are all ready for a summer of fun.

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Opening Includes:

  1. Remove debris from cover, rinse off pool cover, fold cover and put away
  2. Shock pool up to 4lbs, Algaecide as needed
  3. Remove all winterizing plugs
  4. Place pool circulation, filtration and heater in use, in as is condition or advise of repairs
  5. Reinstall deck equipment; i.e. ladder, dive board, slides, etc.
  6. Brush pool walls, leaf net surface as needed
  7. Visual diagnostics on filter, pump and pool structure including deck, and advise of repairs
  8. Test pool water and balance pool water providing water is above 50 degrees except salt pools
  9. Vacuum pool with our Power Vac Bag system, which will collect 90% of all debris but will leave some sediment debris in the pool. This is not a filter vac system and we can provide a filter vac system service if you elect to after the pool has been opened, chemically treated and run for minimum of 24 to 48 hrs.

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Pool Closings

We will send out a professionally trained pool technician to winterize your pool. We will test your water and add chemicals, install Winterizing plugs and adjust the water level. We will blow out the lines and remover skimmer baskets, cleaners, and wall fittings. We will drain all pumping, filtering, heating and chlorinating equipment. Finally, we will securely cover your pool for the winter months.

Closings Include:

  1. Check chemicals adjust if needed for winterizing
  2. Drain filter and pumps, valves, automatic feeders, heater and skimmers
  3. Blow out all plumbing lines and install winterizing plugs add antifreeze as needed
  4. Remove all skimmer baskets and wall fittings
  5. Remove and store all pool decking equipment on Owner’s property
  6. Install pool cover

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Pool Cleaning

We provide cleaning services that includes skimming debris from your pool, cleaning the pump and skimmer baskets, backwashing the sand filter, as well as treating the water.

Vinyl Liner Replacements

We can stop water leaks and beautify your pool with a new vinyl liner. We have several patterns to choose from and can install them with expertise.

Water Testing

We will test and balance your water weekly.

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